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How do I enter a query?

In the Smart search mask you can enter your query with or without field identifiers. You can enter up to 20 search terms (a maximum of ten terms per searchable bibliographic data) and combine them with the Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT. For more information see our help files.

What are field identifiers?

Field identifiers are predefined codes which have to be entered before the keywords.

Can I use truncation/wildcards?

Yes, you can use wildcards to expand your search to include, for example, the plural forms of a word. The following three wildcard characters are available: * ? #

What date formats can I use?

You can enter dates in any of the following formats: yyyymmdd, dd/mm/yyyy or yyyy-mm-dd.

How do I enter a date range for a search?

You can use any of the following formats: pd="2005 2007", pd="2005,2007" or pd="2005:2007".