Smart search - entering queries with field identifiers

Field identifiers allow you to search for specific keywords, names, numbers and patent classifications in Smart search. For a list of all field identifiers that you may use in Smart search, click Help and select Smart search – list of field identifiers .

To obtain a valid result, the field identifier entered must precede an equals sign "=" followed by the search term, e.g. extftxt= "pharmaceutical product".

To search for a specific term, you must put the term in quotation marks, e.g. ti="electric motor".

Full-text searches in Smart search

A search triggered in Smart search will comb the default database (Worldwide collection of published applications from 100+ countries) and find keywords only in the title and abstract.

To search for keywords in the full text using the corresponding field identifiers you first have to access the full-text database drop-down menu. To do this, simply run a search as usual and then click Refine search. You will then be directed back to the Smart search mask with the full-text database options available.

Any of the four full-text field identifiers can be used in combination with one of the full-text databases:

  • desc - searches for keywords in the description only
  • claims - searches for keywords in the claims only
  • ftxt - searches for keywords in the description and claims
  • extftxt - searches for keywords in the title, abstract, description and claims

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