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Congratulations Espacenet!

20 years of Espacenet

Espacenet was born 20 years ago on 19 October 1998. It has revolutionised access to worldwide patent information on the internet, offering easy-to-use features for searching patent information.

Over time, Espacenet has continually extended its data coverage, and today it offers free access to more than 100 million patent documents from over 100 patent authorities.

Ever since its launch, Espacenet has evolved continuously, always incorporating the latest technologies, and it will continue to do so in the future.

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Two interesting features

Full-text searching in Smart search

In Smart search, the extftxt field identifier lets you search for keywords anywhere in a publication (title, abstract, description and claims). The ftxt field identifier, by contrast, restricts your keyword search to the description and claims, while desc limits your search to the description and claims to the claims.

Don't forget you have to refine your search to enable full-text searching; by default, the search is run in the bibliographic data collection in Smart search. To do so, click Refine search at the top left of the page to open a menu containing the full-text searchable collections and select whichever one you want ( Worldwide EN/FR/DE).

Searching Espacenet for inventors or applicants with a specific country of residence

About 40% of the documents in Espacenet are indexed with country of residence for the related inventors and applicants. Espacenet has a very useful feature that lets you search for partners residing in countries that could be of interest for your business or research field. In Advanced search, just enter the country code between square bracket (e.g. [DE]) in the Inventor(s) or Applicant(s) field. In Smart search, use the following query: in=[CC] or pa=[CC], e.g. in=[JP].

Espacenet bibliographic and full-text data coverage

Espacenet bibliographic and character-coded full-text data coverage information can be found on the webpages Latest bibliographic coverage and Latest full-text coverage , both of which are updated daily.

These pages show you at a glance the total number of publications for which bibliographic and character-coded full-text data is available. They also feature hyperlinks to Espacenet for the first and latest publications for each country and kind code type and use green highlighting to indicate publications containing data that has changed since the previous day. What is more, you can use filters to show only the changes.

Documents that support full-text searching in Espacenet are character-coded publications available in English, French or German, as covered on the page Latest full-text coverage .

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