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Inventor(s): FLANN RANDALL D [US] +
Applicant(s): FLANN RANDALL D [US] +
- international: A42B1/00; A42B1/24; B67D3/00; B67D1/00; (IPC1-7): A42B1/02
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Application number: WO1999US02785 19990209 
Priority number(s): US19980020605 19980209
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A headgear (12) for dispensing a substance has a container (28) to carry the substance. A spigot (14) is secured to the container (28) . The spigot (14) can be opened to dispense the substance by gravity, suction, pressure or levity flow from the container (28). The spigot (14) can be closed to retain the substance in the chamber (20). A hat-like recess (26) is formed within the bottom wall (24) of the container (28) sized for wearing on an individual's head, and for maintaining the container (28) in a freestanding condition during hands-free ambulation of the individual.