Bibliographic data: US5333444 (A) ― 1994-08-02

Superconducting electromagnetic thruster  

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Inventor(s): MENG JAMES C S [US] +
Applicant(s): US ARMY [US] +
- international: B63H11/02; (IPC1-7): B63H11/00
- cooperative:
Application number: US19930016324 19930211 
Priority number(s): US19930016324 19930211

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An electromagnetic thruster for marine vehicles using a jet of water driven by the interaction of a mutually perpendicular intensified magnetic field and an intensified electric field is disclosed. The intensified magnetic field is produced by superconducting coils cooled by a coolant such as liquid helium. An intensified electric field is produced by passing high amperage current across the seawater jet. These interacting fields produce a Lorentz force perpendicular to mutually perpendicular electric and magnetic field vectors which is used to drive the seawater jet. In some embodiments, the force may also be used to draw water into the jet from the boundary layer flow around the vehicle thereby reducing boundary layer turbulence and associated radiated noise.